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LUXBARRIER - Barrier System

The LUXBARRIER modular crash barrier is a cost effective, fast and immediate solution to safety problems. As it is a modular system it can be constructed to the customer specification and application. It is ideal for use wherever there is need to protect buildings, machinery and personnel from vehicle impact.

At LUXTRADE we supply a full range of parts for our customers bespoke design and alongside this we also stock complete barrier kits. The Luxbarrier modular crash barrier is ideal for use in areas where machinery, buildings or people require protection from vehicle impact. A full range of parts are available from stock.

Complex shapes and additional steelwork can be fabricated in house and to order.

Vehicle Crash Barrier System

The LUXBARRIER vehicle crash barrier system is ideal for use in areas where machinery, buildings or people require protection from vehicle impact in industrial, commercial and public areas and as a Safety Barrier in open areas.

We offer a full range of modular parts from stock while complex shapes and additional steelwork can be fabricated in-house to order.

This system is resistant to impact, cost effective and because it is fast and easy to install is an immediate solution to safety requirements.

  Item Standard Size Number of Bolts Made to Measure Recommendation
Straight length Straight Length 3.2m effective length 8 Available -
Internal Corner Internal Corner 450mm x 450mm 8 Available -
External Corner External Corner 450mm x 450mm 8 Available -
Fish tail end wing Fish tail end wing 550mm Effective length 4 -  
Bolt down post Bolt down post 560mm Overall - - For use where cars & fork lift trucks operate.
Bolt down post Bolt down post 760mm Overall - - For use where lorries operate.
Cast it post Cast in post 1100mm - Available Recommended setting position; where lorries operate, 585mm to centre line; where cars/forklift trucks operate- 380mm to centre line.
Bull Nose Bull Nose - - - Designed to absorb impact forces and reduce damage in high volume traffic areas.

Pedestrian Barrier System

The LUXBARRIER pedestrian barrier is ideal for use in areas where people require protection and restraint alongside road and footpaths. The vertical bars are staggered to improve the driver's visibility through the bars.

This system is cost effective and fast and easy to install and is fully compatible with the LUXCLAMP system.

Pedestrian Barrier System

All parts are available from stock and made to customer specifications using our in house 3D CAD software.

CAD Drawings


  • Vehicle Crash Barrier System: Hot Dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 146.
    Pedestrian safety Barrier system:
    Panels can be finished with a selection of different treatments to offer long lasting protection.
    Hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.
    Polyester powder coated (with or without galvanising), available in standard RAL.
    Polyzinc;  a two part thermo-setting system for a decorative and long-lasting finish.

    The colours detailed below are our standard range and are a guide only.

    Other colours are available, contact us for details.
  • Finish

Manufacturing Standards

Fully compliant with BS7818:1995, Sections 2.4.1 and 2.4.2, pedestrian restraint systems in metal.

Pedestrian safety Barrier system: Standard size for barriers: 900mm wide by 1000mm, (finished height of 1100mm).Top and bottom rails are 40mm nominal bore (48.3mm O/D) tube with 12mm diameter solid bar at 100mm centres.

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