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LUXFAB - Fabricated Products and Access Systems

An extension to our core flooring and handrail products, we  are a single source option for all industrial and commercial access requirements including supporting structure where needed.

At the heart of our capability is our investment in state of the art 3D AutoCAD and where we  render any design from concept into working drawings, and most of our projects now incorporate at least some element of design.

We manufacture for every conceivable industrial, commercial or domestic application with the added service of full structural calculations on request.

Stairs: Industrial, Commercial and Domestic

LUXFAB StairsStairs form a major part of our fabrication capability and are a product in which we specialise. Consequently many of our customers are top level structural steel manufacturers who entrust secondary steelwork packages to Luxtrade. We design and manufacture stairs from single flight up to 50+m taking full design responsibility where necessary.

All stairs and components can be supplied in a number of finishes and we offer a wide range of choice in treads as these can be made from open bar flooring, durbar, and flat plate to accept carpet or vinyl finishes or open pans for concrete infill's or wood finish.

For industrial applications hand railing can be tubular ball or fully welded from tube or from rectangular box section and for commercial or public areas we offer a variety of balustrades to meet the 100mm rule.

Our Spiral stairs provide a good solution where space is limited and can be manufactured for a wide variety of applications. Luxtrade offers a standard staircase range and also make to our customers bespoke requirements.
Overall diameters can vary from 1300 for the smallest domestic application to 3500 to public areas.

Designs include an economical easily erected modular system for simple industrial situations or elegant designs for when a unique and impactful stair is required.

Ladders (Cat Ladders & Companion Ladders)

LUXFAB Cat LaddersLuxtrade ladders are renowned throughout many industrial and commercial settings, for their durability and quality.

We offer the dual benefit of a range of standard stock sizes alongside a bespoke design and fabrication facility.

Cat Ladders

Companion Way Ladders (Ship Ladder) provide better access than a Cat Ladder when space allows and are an ideal choice where a vertical fixed ladder is required and space is restricted.

These ladders are designed for one person and occasional use and should have a rest platform every 6m. They can be fitted on a slope of up to 15° from the vertical. Where an overall height of over 6m is essential an intermediate rest platform can be provided complete with handrail and supports.

Retractable tubular handhold can be fitted for use where the top step off is through a hatch.

Ladders are supplied complete with safety cage when over 2500mm long and are made to suit your application. The cages can be fully welded for quick, easy erection or with bolted hoops and straps for use where access for erection is limited or transport is a problem.

Add on extra's include:
Self-closing Safety Gates are available to provide a safe working area at the top of the ladder. Retractable Tubular Handhold for use where the top step off is through a hatch.

Companion way Ladders/Ships Ladders

Companion Way Ladders or Ships Ladders provide better access than a cat ladder when space is available. The slope is normally limited to between 65 and 75 degrees from the horizontal. Rungs can be open bar flooring or durbar. Overall width is normally limited to between 450mm and 550mm. Overall height should not be more than 3000mm. Handrails must be fitted to both sides, either to the stringers or to a wall or structure if the layout dictates it. Safety Gates are an option and can be supplied as complete units with posts or for fixing.

Ladders: Standard Range Open Bar Flooring, Durbar, Flat Plate & Open Pan. One baluster per tread is normally provided for industrial & commercial applications. Additional balusters are incorporated to meet the 100mm sphere rule in domestic and public stairs.
Cat Ladders             Open Bar Flooring, Durbar, Flat Plate & Open Pan. -
Companion Way Ladder Open Bar Flooring or Durbar Slope is normally limited to between 65 and 75 degrees from the horizontal. Overall width between 450mm and 550mm
Overall height not more than 3000mm
Handrails are fitted to both sides, to the stringers or to a wall or structure as the layout allows.


Luxtrade fabricate access platforms for every conceivable industrial, commercial and domestic application. We manufacture to plans or design in house to customer requirements using our in-house auto 3D CAD system. With our comprehensive range of stair treads, self-closing gates, infill panels and handrailings access to platform levels can be by staircase, ladder or spiral stairs.

LUXFAB Platforms

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