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LUXFENCE - Fencing

LUXFENCE turns visions and design into reality. The versatility of LUXFENCE allows for panels to be cut and welded to any shape, or curved to create softer and smoother lines for a variety of applications, such as: architectural, commercial, industrial or horticultural environments.

Standard Fencing Panels

Pre-Fabricated fencing panels and manufactured to order using LUXGRILLE and offer a multitude of applications:

Fencing, Ball Courts, Play areas, Parking Perimeter Fencing, Residential Gates, Balcony Balustrade Panels, Car Park in-fill panels and much more.

The Chart below shows details of each grille enabling you to select the one that suits your requirements. Alternatively contact us directly to discuss your requirements and to utilise our in house design service.

Luxfence Standard Fencing Panels
Luxgrille Product No.Main bar (mm)Transverse barMesh Size*(mm)Mesh opening (mm)Weights Kg/m2Open Area %Standard size
No.1 25 x 3 6mmsq twisted 34/38 31 x 35 20.5 75.4 6100mm x 1000mm nominal (996mm actual)
No.1a 25 x 2 5mm twisted 34/38 - 15.4 81.7 6100mm x 1000mm nominal (996mm actual)
No.2 25 x 3 5mm dia round 60/66 57 x 62 12.4 87.7 6100mm x 1870mm
No.3 25 x 3 5mm dia round 60/132 57 x 129 11.2 91.7 6100mm x 1870mm
No.3H 30 x 4 5mm dia round 60/132 - 16.26 91.7 6100mm x 1870mm
No.4 25 x 2 4mm diameter 15/76 13 x 71 27.7 81 6100mm x 1000mm
No.5 40 x 2 4mm diameter 15/76 13 x 72 43.6 81 6100mm x 1000mm
No.6 25 x 2 5mm dia round 34/76 - 13.5 89

6100mm x 1000mm

No.7 25 x 2 5mm diameter 44/44 - 11.9 91 6100mm x 1200mm
No.8 Inclined profile  45 x 2 x 25 deep 4mm diameter 45/132 18

18% at 90 degrees

78% parallel to Louvre
- Up to 6100mm x 1500mm wide
*Main bar spacing/Transverse bar spacing, measured on the centre line. Panels are made from mild steel and forge-welded at every intersection in accordance with BS 4592 Part 1.

Victorian Fencing Range

Victorian FencingElegant and robust fencing with a 50mm wide hot rolled solid top rail fully welded for strength and safety.
Numerous horizontal bars ensure the vertical bars cannot be spread by vandals.

Applications include: Architectural Fencing, Commercial, Parks, Housing, Gardens.The Victorian range uses LuxGrille No.3 (60/132) with 25mm x 3 vertical bars and 5mm diameter horizontal bars giving openings that are too small for most domestic animals.

A variety of posts are available and special width panels up to 2000mm can be made to order. The posts have a flat section on the bottom to prevent removal and assist in erection.

Strong but elegant with a 50mm wide hot rolled solid top rail fully welded for strength, robustness and safety. 

  Standard Post Centres

Flat Intermediate Posts

Flat  Intermediate Posts
Made from 60 x 8 to match the overall pattern of bars. Easy to erect with stainless steel M8 bolts and shear nuts for security and supplied with a short sprigging rod to prevent removal from concrete.
Angle Corner Posts

Angle Corner Posts
To be used as corner posts with the flat intermediate posts, made from 50mm x 50mm x 8 angles with shaped tops to suit the elegant shape of the top rail.

Moulded Top Intermediate Posts

Moulded Top Intermediate Posts
With a moulded top to match the top rail for a continuous appearance, free from obstructions. 40mm x 40mm square hollow section and fixed using M8 stainless steel snap off bolts into inserts.

Ball Top Intermediate Posts

Ball Top Intermediate Posts
40mm x 40mm with an elegant solid ball finial, fixed using M8 stainless steel snap off blots into inserts.

Ball Top Corner Posts Ball Top Corner Posts
40mm x 40mm, fixed using M8 stainless steel snap off blots into inserts. For use with either the moulded top or ball top intermediate posts.
Standard Panel Heights (mm)
Effective HeightPanel WidthPanel HeightPost Length









1400 1992 1330 1700


  • A variety of protective and decorative finishes are available.
    Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
    Self colour, Galvanised, Primed, Powder Coated (with or without galvanizing to a standard RAL colour)
    Polyzinc - a two part thermo-setting for a decorative and long lasting finish.

    Victorian Range: Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and Polyester Powder Coated to any standard RAL colour.

    The colours detailed below are our standard range and are a guide only.

    Other colours are available, contact us for details.
  • Finish

Manufacturing Standards

Mild Steel to EN ISO 100125, forge-welded at every intersection in accordance with BS 4592 Part 1.