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LUXRAIL - Handrail System

LUXRAIL is a complete handrail range manufactured in house and made to customer bespoke requirements or available from stock.

CAD drawings of standard parts for use directly in your drawings are available directly from this website. Please register as a member to access this facility.

Handrail Standards (Tubular and Solid Welded)

OptionsTubular StandardsSolid Welded StandardsBall Centres

Shank diameter

Shank diameter

25mm nominal bore
33.7mm outside diameter

32mm nominal bore
42.4mm outside diameter

40mm nominal bore
48.4mm outside diameter
outside diameter

outside diameter
Ball centres 500mm or 550mm
Standard for horizontal handrails

Standard for raked handrails

Other dimensions can be manufactured as required

Ball diameter

Ball diameter

For 25mmNB rails


For 25mm and 32mm
NB rail

80 or 90mm
For 32mm and 40mm NB rail
For 32mm outside
diameter shank and
25mm nominal bore rail

For 38mm outside diameter shank and 25mm or 32mm
NB rail

(to centre of Handrail)

Ball centres height

Standard height for flat based standards 1100mm

Standard height for side palm based standards 1200mm

Standard height for raked standards 900mm


Other dimensions can be manufactured

to customer's drawings

Handrail Sections

Our comprehensive selection ensures any configuration of stair and platform hand railing can be accommodated. Lengths of handrail are joined using connectors normally concealed within the handrail balls.

The system is made up of a number of modular parts. Select those required.

  • Stair Wreath
  • Stair Return
  • Return Bend
  • Standard Length or cut to your specification
  • 90 degree bend
  • Ramp Bend
  • Luxrail Composition Example

CAD Drawings


We offer a range of 3 galvanised connectors please select the one appropriate to your requirement.

  • Internal Expanding Connector
  • Crimped Connectors

Base Plates

Base PlatesWe supply a comprehensive range of base plates for use with our tubular and solid welded handrail standards.

Additionally we can fabricate base plates to individual drawings or specification.

  • Individual Base Plates

Kick Plate

Kick PlatesIf a kick plate is required for your project, identify the length of kick plate and preferred fixing clamp.




Safety Gates

  • Fabricated to suit size and application and supplied as complete units with posts or with fixing plates attached to ladders or existing structures. 

    Please specify if you require a single or double gate, full or half height, with or without infill mesh, kick plate or drop latch.
  • Safety Gates

Infill Panels

  • Select if required.

    Contact us if you require any alternative infill panels: Perforated Plate, Expanded Metal, Architectural Mesh.

    Please specify if you require a single or double gate, full or half height, with or without infill mesh, kick plate or drop latch.
  • Infill Panels

Load Rating

Selecting the correct load specification and rating for your project is essential. Luxtrade Handrail Standards are manufactured to meet the loading requirement of BS6399-1:1996 and are available in three nominal bore (NB) sizes.

Tube Sizes
Nominal BoreOutside DiameterBall Diameter
25NB 33.7mm 65mm
32NB 42.4mm 80mm
40NB 48.3mm 90mm

Solid Welded Standards are available in two diameters; 32mm and 38mm.

Light Duty 220 N/m Light Access Stairs not more than 600mm wide.
Medium Duty 360 N/m Light Pedestrian/Industrial Buildings not susceptible to overcrowding.
Heavy Duty 740 N/m Office and Industrial Buildings not susceptible to overcrowding.
Please note that escape routes must be designed to 1500 Newtons/metre (N/m)

Load rating depends on the handrail material sizes, this table shows the load rating for standards spaced from 0.75m up to 1.8m.

Handrail Pitch (maximum)Traffic
Standard Handrail Light Medium Heavy
25NB 25NB 1.4m 0.9m -
32NB 25NB 1.8m 1.5m 0.75m
32NB 32NB 1.8m 1.5m 0.75m
40NB 32NB - 1.8m 0.95m
40NB 40NB - 1.8m 0.95m


  • LUXRAIL can be supplied; Self Colour, Galvanised, Primed, Finish Painted, Powder Coated or Polycoated warm to touch.

    The colours detailed here are our standard range and are a guide only.

    Other colours are available, contact us for details.
  • Finish

Manufacturing Standards

Handrail Standards are manufactured to meet the loading requirement of BS6399-1:1996.

Hot Dip Galvanised to BS ENISO 1461
Tube is made to BS EN 10255:2004
Standards are made from tube to: BS EN 10025 Part 2:2004 S235, BS EN 10219:2006 S235
All LUXRAIL complies with EEMUA Publication 105

Enquiry Checklist

When ordering handrail please check you have the following information:

  • Correct Load rating and shank (tubular or solid)
  • Nominal bore size, overall height (to centre of top handrail), distance between ball centres.
  • Type of base plate and if raked standards are selected please specify if on right or left hand of stairway (when going up).
  • Type of bend and any variable dimensions.
  • Type of connector
  • Kick plate and fixings (if required)
  • Infill panel style (if required)
  • Safety gate style (if required)
  • Type of finish