At Luxtrade we like to think that we are a good corporate citizen. We put our employees and customers first, try to take care of the environment, pay our bills on time and make sure we do things properly.

Our reputation with our stakeholders is precious to us and we have worked hard over many years to ensure this. It has not always been a smooth journey!.

Luxtrade has been in business since 1985 when the company was created by Rob Molyneux to take advantage of low cost steel imports from South Africa.

Rob did his homework and decided Wolverhampton was the best place in the UK to give national coverage and the sensible place to locate his fledgling business.

Not a bad decision for someone who lived in Henley-on-Thames.

Our first premises were at Primrose Hill Industrial Estate, Netherton, Dudley.

Luxtrade Primrose Hill Factory in Wolverhampton

Rob found a niche market as a stockholder but it wasn’t long before he was being asked to carry out basic fabrication by his customers and supply finished assemblies and products.

In an effort to forestall the consequences of a drop off in supply from South Africa, Rob evolved Luxtrade into a steel flooring and handrailing specialist necessitation a move to Spring Rd, Ettingshall.

For the next 5 years Luxtrade’s personnel alternately shivered and sweated in a portacabin as the business took full advantage of a single crane serviced bay.

Luxtrade Spring Road Factory in Wolverhampton

With the anticipated decline in African Steel imports eliminating its steel stockholding business, Luxtrade saw demand for Open Steel Flooring, Handrails and walkways increase. Industrial Stair structures also became significant and Luxtrade found itself in the fire escape trade. Spring Road proved to be too small for increasingly larger fabrications so a relocation to 26,000sq ft premises at nearby Hilton Rd resulted where the business remained for the next 20 years

Luxtrade Hilton Road Factory in Wolverhampton

When Rob retired from Luxtrade at the end of 2008 he had grown Luxtrade into a modestly profitable £2 Million business and seen his scope of supply increase to include stairs, small platforms and architectural Balustrades.

In every sense, Luxtrade had evolved to become “the fabricators fabricator” with over 500 active customers.

He sold the business to Richard Holland, an aerospace professional, who was looking for his own project after years of running some of the UK’s best tier 2 aerospace manufacturers

With a long history of business turnaround. Richard’s experience was to prove invaluable as the recession started to bite.

He recognised the direction of Luxtrade’s business evolution and started focussing on project packages.

With an instinctive appreciation of collaborative working, Luxtrade began taking design lead and extending Luxtrade’s scope of supply.

Projects immediately took a step up in terms of complexity and value.

Secondary Steelwork Feature Stair, Eden Girls School, Slough by Luxtrade

An absolute focus on quality, (one of Richards aerospace habits that wouldn’t go away) kick started a transformation in Luxtrade that continues to this day.

Employees faced up to daunting new challenges as excellence and customer satisfaction became the heart of the business.

The company learned to deal with difficult situations, complex problems, tight deadlines and most importantly, how to put things right when, inevitably, they went wrong.

The Focus on quality saw ISO9001:2007 accreditation in 2014 with CE Marking following shortly after.

Secondary Steelwork Feature Stair, Eden Girls School, Slough by Luxtrade
Secondary Steelwork Feature Stair, Eden Girls School, Slough by Luxtrade
Secondary Steelwork Feature Stair, Eden Girls School, Slough by Luxtrade

Richard always made it a matter of principle that Luxtrade would never let down a customer or fail to complete a job whatever the cost.

Nor would he ever allow the company to be thrown off a job through failure to execute a project.

This dedication saw Luxtrade safely navigate the 7 year recession from 2009 to 2016 despite losing all its top 5 customers from 2009 due to closures and administrations.

Secondary Steelwork Feature Stair, Eden Girls School, Slough by Luxtrade

To demonstrate highest professional standards, Luxtrade became a member of the British Construction Steel Association and took Construction Line membership (currently upgrading to gold).

As the UK emerged from recession, Luxtrade’s business had fully transformed with most new business being in the form of projects (See our project section).

Flooring and handrail products, once staple fare, are now much reduced. However projects have grown to significant size and account for 75% of all business.

Secondary Steelwork Feature Stair, Eden Girls School, Slough by Luxtrade

By the beginning of 2017 is was clear that Luxtrade had once again outgrown its premises and relocated to a new facility with crane serviced bays and much improved office space in November 2017.

Luxtrade is now committed to develop and grow, providing cost effective secondary and architectural steel solutions to the construction and manufacturing industries across the UK.

We are here for the long term.

Luxtrade Factory in Wolverhampton

At Luxtrade all of our products are built to bespoke specification. No project is too large or small. Contact us today and start a conversation about your project.