Thrust Block (2016)

Special Fabrication Project
Location: Central London
Value: £35,000


This was a highly complex structure that had been left late in the project.

With installation part of the project, it quickly became apparent that the structure could not be lifted to position by crane, it exceed floor loading criteria so could not rolled into place, and once there, could not physically be installed due to a design oversight by the client.

All in a days work for Luxtrade!.

Luxtrade London Wall Thrust Block Project


With a special inspection and test plan (ITP) created for this job we carried out a series of preliminary test welds to ensure we could meet our own weld standards due to the awkward weld angles and accessibility.

Extremely high loadings meant dimensional control was exacting.

Luxtrade London Wall Thrust Block Project


This was a very difficult installation. The planned crane lift was not possible due to site restrictions, the unit exceeded the floor loading rating so rolling into position was not possible.

We finally used a specialist contractor to lift and shift the unit into position. Fixing to the concrete required accurate drilling of 48 x M24 Bolts within 1mm accuracy through Rebar.

One of our most challenging installs!

Luxtrade London Wall Thrust Block Project

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